Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer

Job Specialization:

الموارد البشرية

Date Posted:

2 years before

Employment Type

Full Time


Syria, Damascus

Job Description:

1. Assist the Program Manager in the establishment of an effective Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system and coordinate M&E activities; 
2. Assist the Program Manager in revising the projects log frame matrices, particularly in the areas of the objective hierarchy, indicators and monitoring mechanisms; 
3. Establish and maintain M&E data matrix; 
4. Support in tracking - projects execution status - in coordination with all concerned units and report accordingly; 
5. Assist in developing guidelines, tools, and forms for monitoring and reporting on project implementation; 
6. Undertake regular visits to the field to support implementation of M&E and to identify where adaptations might be needed; 
7. Organize and provide refresher training in M&E for project and implementing partners staff, local organizations and primary stakeholders; 
8. Coordinate and participate in the conduct of monitoring field visits; 
9. Collect, compile, check, sort and analyze qualitative and quantitative data concerning ongoing field activities according to the reporting guideline; 
10. Assist in conducting training for RSRP staff on M&E management tools; 
11. Support and provide technical assistance to the Program Database Assistants, including mentoring and on-the-job trainings; 
12. Provide guidance to the daily-contracted staff and follow up on their tasks; 
13. Coordinate periodically with project and operation units managers to document work implementation processes; 
14. Assist Program Manager in evaluating work processes with the concerned parties; 
15. Assist in identifying the KPIs; 
16. Review the quality of existing social and economic data in the project area, the methods of collecting it and the degree to which it will provide good baseline statistics for impact evaluation; 
17. Document all work process on special program (Visio, Access); and 
18. Perform any other duties when required. 

Required Education:
  • Business Administration.
Required Languages:
  • Arabic : Mother Tongue
    • English : Fluent

Required Experiences:
  • HR Manager

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