General Questions

"Shaghlni" is a 21st century business network that actively searches for opportunities to help grow your business, advance your career or to find a job. It is a lead generation tool designed to bring professionals together in a more intelligent way. "Shaghlni" uses a matching algorithm to:

  • Identify qualified job candidates for companies.
  • Discover employment opportunities for job seekers.
"Shaghlni" connects you with people and companies which are a good fit for your business, your career and more. Unlike other business networks which require you to spend valuable time searching through thousands of profiles (resumes) to uncover opportunities, we do the work for you throw our advanced search engine. "Shaghlni" is all about connecting you with people you should know not the people you already know.
Our matching algorithm uses basic information contained in your profile to match you with other "Shaghlni" members who are in need of your service or skills. Depending upon which profile type you choose (company or seeker), we take into account such things as major of study, skills, location, age, employment types and more...
Contact us here and provide us with your company's information and you will get your private access information to our web site, then you can start posting your opportunities.