Who We Are

"Shaghlni" is one of the most important recruitment agencies in Syria, where the web site provides a social service at the highest level of performance. It links between employers and job seekers.

Our website has been working through social networks since 2016. It provides the fastest, easiest, most effective and affordable way for employers to find an elite candidate and for the job seekers to find the best suitable job in Syria.

Our Mission
& Vision


Publicize all available job opportunities in Syria to benefit as many graduates and job seekers (in general) as possible in the current period.


To be the first recruitment gate in Syria.

Our advantages

Developed search engine

The web site is very flexible. Job seekers can search for Job vacancies by many deferent ways (City, Specialization, Employment type and even by a specific company name). Companies can search for seekers without posting an offer, just by typing the seeker's qualifications (education, gender, experience, etc) in the 'search' box, and here you are! Also when a company publishes a job offer, seekers who fit to the job vacancy will get an email notification.

Credibility and trust

Admins validate seekers' information. Seekers can not apply until their profile is activated (automatically by e-mail activation) so we have no fake seekers. Admins also create any new company's profile, so fake companies are not allowed!

Easy to use

Universities, colleges and institutes are registered in the DB, so filling your information will be much easier. Our 24/7 support team is ready to help.